Indies to play this weekend

2022-03-05 by Callum Andrews

Downfall Planet

This one starts so suddenly it surprises you. No menu, no waypoint no explanation. Just a voice talking about how it survived something. That's it! Even though nothing gets explained and you're not really sure what to do, just by pure instinct and the voice talking at the beginning of the game you will come to grips with what needs to be done. It has a pretty cool-looking art style that really doesn't require much detail to be appreciated. The length of the game depends entirely on the player and on how quick they are.
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The Alley

A game that is very much reminiscent of the JRPGs of the PS1 and SNES era. Here you play as Zak who's stolen his parents' car and has gotten himself stranded in an alley somewhere because his car has run out of gas. On his quest to get some gas and get on his way Zak will encounter various characters some who will join him on his quest and others that will stand in his way. This is a pretty nice-looking JRPG that had me thinking about the old JRPGS of the before-mentioned SNES and PS1 one era. It wouldn't surprise me if Crono was the design inspiration for Zak by the looks of him. The music is pretty solid with mellow beats playing while you walk around exploring and getting more hectic during combat. The dialog can seem a bit off at times, though, but it's nothing that will detract your attention too much from the rest of the game. I wanted more of this game, I wanted it to be longer. Hopefully, the creator of this one decides to expand upon this great start of a game.
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Well, the title is only half the truth because you also need to roll towards stuff. This entry has a very simple premise where you roll a ball around on platforms, collecting yellow cubes to progress to the next one. The game requires almost exact precision from the player in how much they roll the ball. The camera can give the player some trouble at times making it occasionally pretty frustrating as it is already hard enough maneuvering the ball and at the same time avoiding the various obstacles that are set out. Still, though the game has a very addicting game loop and you'll probably be sitting there giving it "just one more try". It's also a great patience tester.
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