Review Policy

The reviews at Same Old Gaming are done and written by someone that has played a specific game in its entirety. This means that if it's a single-player game, then it's finished to the point where the end credits are reached. The review reflects the opinion of the reviewer and other members of staff might not share the same opinion as the person reviewing said game.
We will review the game as fairly and objectively as possible, but we all have our own different tastes and experience with various games. Bear in mind that the review here is the opinion of just one person and that doesn't necessarily mean that it reflects on the general public or other reviews.

We will be grading the game on a scale of 0-10. How good a game is and whether it's worth your time can be decided by reading the various grade descriptions below.

0-2 Bad: This is bad. Not so bad that it's good it's just bad so bad that you shouldn't even be touching it with a stick.

3-4 Poor: Not as horrible as the bad category but you shouldn't be paying for this and the only reason for you to play this is if someone gave it to you as a gift and you have to play it so you don't hurt the persons feelings that gave it to you

5-6 Good: It's a game with good qualities that may have missed the mark at some points, but it can still entertain. Never buy these at full price and play only if there's nothing better to do or you, by some chance, don't have a backlog of other games to go through.

7-8 Great: You need to play this game. Even if it belongs to a genre that isn't your cup of tea, this just might be the game that wins you over.

9 Excellent:This is it, this is one of those that goes to history that people talk about for 50+ years after it has been released. This is one of those that you can play over and over. This is a game that you almost wish you lived in.

10 Awesome:Just buy it and play this till your hands fall off. Get one copy of it for every platform you own, get the collectors edition and all other editions there are. This is pure perfection.