Indies for the weekend

2022-05-21 by Callum Andrews

The Chantry Trials

This week brings two vampire games set in the World of Darkness universe. In this one, you play as a young Tremere initiate, who needs to undergo the first round of trials in order to prove himself worthy into the Tremere vampire clan. The trials consist of three different puzzles which vary in complexity. They aren't particularly hard and can be brute-forced to get solved but it helps to be attentive. Visually the game looks terrific and the atmosphere is thick and somewhat oppressive even though there isn't actually any real threat to consider. It also isn't really that long and shouldn't really take more than 20 minutes to complete. It could serve as a great start to an even larger game if the developer ever decides to expand upon it since this is a great start.
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The Autumn people

Sometimes you come across a game that is so hard to distinguish from a triple-A title just because of the high production values presented that you start second guessing whether the game you are playing really is an indie game. This game fits pretty well into that category. Apart from looking great, it also has some pretty nice cinematics, leaning mechanics when you want to shoot from cover which even by todays triple-A standards some shooters don't have and some of the best ligting effects I have ever seen in any game ever. In this one you play as a Camarilla operative on a mission to retrieve someone from what seems to be a hotel in downtown Phoenix. As per usual, things don't go as planned and you need to escape the complex with a vampire kill squad standing in your way. Apart from the great presentation and the visuals, the AI and the shooting leave something to be desired. Overall though a really nice game on which I really hope the developer decides to work on expanding.
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