Top 5 Co-op games to play solo

2023-11-14 by Callum Andrews

There are quite many co-op games out there nowadays I mean like REALLY MANY!, like too many. It's no wonder though considering that humans are social animals and we enjoy doing things with other people. Even playing games. But, if you are an outlier like me and enjoy playing games solo more than with others then a lot of these games seem to become unavailable considering that they are designed to be played with others. Some of these games though do enable solo play for those of us who want to give it a go singlehandedly. Sure they might become tougher and may require a bit more thought and planning from the player that wouldn't otherwise be required if one were to play with with others. Still, though, that's something to be expected and only adds to the challenge.

Here we'll present five games that are totally viable playing solo and might be worth your time. The games are presented in no particular ranking order and all are worth giving a shot.

Gunfire Reborn

Gunfire Reborn is an adventure game that merges first-person shooter (FPS) dynamics with roguelite and RPG elements. When playing solo, the game revolves around traversing procedurally generated levels, facing a variety of enemies, and engaging in intense gunfights. The game is designed to be challenging, with a focus on player skill and strategy to progress through each stage.

In solo mode, players cannot rely on the rebirth mechanics that are available in multiplayer, which allows teammates to revive each other. Instead, they must navigate the game's levels with an emphasis on personal skill and careful use of randomly dropped weapons and props. The game's solo difficulty can be steep, as indicated by the community, often requiring a high level of mastery and understanding of the game mechanics to succeed.

In solo play, mechanics such as 'Reincarnation' introduce new challenges and make the game extremely difficult, adding to the replayability and skill ceiling of the game. This mode alters the game by introducing new elements to the gameplay, pushing the player to adapt and strategize differently than they would in the co-op mode.

Overall, "Gunfire Reborn" in solo play demands a more cautious and tactically sound approach. Players must make the most of the game's RPG mechanics, such as character upgrades and weapon choices, to tailor their playstyle to the challenges presented by the game's roguelite structure, ensuring each run is unique and requires a fresh strategy.

Gunfire Reborn

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a thrilling first-person action game set in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles world. This sequel to Vermintide continues the story, focusing on the fight against the forces of Chaos and the Skaven horde. When playing solo, gamers control one of the five heroes, with the other four being managed by AI. The game offers a deep and engaging narrative experience, enriched by the dark and gritty Warhammer universe.

Solo mechanics in Vermintide 2 involve commanding a team of AI bots that fill in for absent players. These bots can be quite capable, of wielding the weapons and skills of their respective classes. There are mods available that tweak the solo experience, adding elements such as stealth mechanics and bullet-time effects, which can significantly alter the gameplay of the co-op experience. Solo players can slowly level up their characters and, with the right strategy and skill, can even tackle the game's highest difficulties alone.

The game also features a Custom Game mode, which allows players to set up missions with specific parameters, making it possible to learn and adapt to playing solo effectively. The community has called for improvements to make the solo experience more viable and enjoyable, suggesting there is room for enhancements in AI behaviour and difficulty scaling.

Vermintide 2 presents a robust solo experience, where players can immerse themselves in the grim fantasy setting, fighting off waves of Skaven and Chaos enemies, honing their skills, and strategizing to survive the vermintide.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative first-person shooter developed by Ghost Ship Games where players assume the roles of space dwarves mining valuable resources from perilous caves on alien planets. When embarking on solo missions, players are not entirely alone; they are accompanied by Bosco, a drone that assists with mining and battling the creatures that inhabit the caves.

The solo player has the freedom to direct Bosco to specific tasks, such as mining minerals in hard-to-reach places or attacking enemies. Bosco also possesses the capability to revive the player if they are downed, making him an invaluable asset in solo play. The game's mechanics, designed around teamwork, adapt to a single player's needs, ensuring that solo missions are still manageable and enjoyable without human teammates.

The progression systems in place allow solo players to upgrade their gear and abilities, making subsequent missions more feasible as their dwarf and Bosco become more powerful. The game presents a variety of objectives, from resource collection to elimination targets, each wrapped in procedurally generated levels that ensure a unique experience with each playthrough. Friendly fire mechanics are present but are adjusted for solo play, removing the worry of damaging Bosco and allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the combat experience.

Overall, Deep Rock Galactic offers solo players a rich experience with dynamic game mechanics that cater to both co-op fans and those who venture into the mines alone. Rock and Stone!

Deep Rock Galactic


Helldivers is a frenetic top-down shooter developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, set in a satirical dystopian future where players are part of the titular military unit, the Helldivers. Tasked with protecting 'Super Earth', players fight for freedom across the galaxy against three enemy species through a series of procedurally generated missions.

While Helldivers is designed with cooperative play in mind, solo play is entirely viable and presents its own set of challenges and mechanics. Playing alone, one must rely on strategic planning and precise execution since the support from other players is absent. The game scales difficulty to some extent when solo, but the player must still manage all the objectives themselves, requiring a versatile approach to loadouts and tactics.

Solo players control a single Helldiver, utilizing a wide array of weaponry and stratagems – deployable assets ranging from ammunition to vehicles – to complete objectives like activating and defending launch pads or retrieving vital items. The strategic element is heightened when alone; every decision, from choosing missions to calling down equipment, can be the difference between success and a quick demise. Stealth becomes more viable in solo play, allowing for a slower, more measured pace, but the game retains its challenge, requiring skill and tactical awareness.

The community acknowledges the game's increased difficulty and the different but rewarding experience when played solo. It's an opportunity to hone personal mastery of the game's mechanics without the chaos of multiple players, yet it maintains the essence of the Helldivers' challenging gameplay.



Marauders is a game that blends the tension of space exploration with the thrill of high-stakes looting. Set in an alternative 1990s where the Great War never ended, players step into the boots of a space pirate navigating both the vacuum of space and derelict spacecraft to scavenge for resources. The game emphasizes a hardcore survival experience with both PvP and PvE elements, making it a test of wit, reflex, and strategy.

When playing solo, the mechanics revolve around gearing up at your base, piloting your spaceship, and docking at various locations to loot for valuable items. Solo play is challenging, as the game is inherently designed to favour group play, with a single player often at a disadvantage against teams. However, soloing in "Marauders" can still be rewarding, offering an intense, immersive experience as you stealthily navigate through enemy territory, avoiding or engaging in skirmishes with other players and AI-controlled characters.

The game's mechanics encourage strategic thinking: from managing the oxygen levels and hull integrity of your ship to choosing your battles wisely on foot within the corridors of space stations or derelict ships. Each raid is a risk, with the potential to lose your hard-earned gear to other marauders. Solo players must rely on their cunning and quick thinking to survive the ruthless environment of space piracy and make it out alive with their loot.

Marauders offers a gritty, atmospheric experience for those daring enough to brave the stars alone, blending survival mechanics with the unforgiving nature of space combat and looting.