Indies for the weekend

2022-08-26 by Callum Andrews


So I would like to think that during this series whenever we have covered some games here that there has been a specific theme for each week. For example our entries for week 20 had a vampire theme. For week 15 it was a mystery theme whereas week 16 was about games more on the experimental side. Continuing with that type of format, the theme for the coming entries will be games that are from the same developer and the first out in this series will be developer Jash Games. Who has several games under their belt within various genres. The ones we've covered here are more of the point-and-shoot variety.

This is an fps where you move through various areas shooting monsters. This game has a pretty interesting graphics style, which is that it's so grainy that even throwing several bowls of oatmeal at your screen wouldn't do it justice. I guess that this choice was made mainly to make the game look more distinctive, but a bit more clarity to the visuals wouldn't have hurt. One annoyance that I had with this one is that the ammo amount you get to pick up for your weapon is just enough to get you through the room you are clearing. If you miss an enemy with just a single shot it's game over. The enemies will drain your health fast enough before you can pick up new ammo. Even if you can succeed with that, that new ammo is intended for the next wave of enemies, and as such, they will get you if the previous enemies didn't. The game isn't too long and might take you a couple of tries before you reach the end, but you wouldn't miss much if you decided to skip it.
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This one was such a blast to play that I kept coming back to it even after I finished it just to see if I could get any cool screenshots because I wanted to take so many. I am one of those people that never gets tired of the bullet time mechanic wherever I can use it and boy do you get to use it here. You play as some nameless character who goes through an office complex and shoots everyone in sight because they are shooting at you. There isn't much to speak of here when it comes to graphics as the graphic details in the game can be described as minimal at best. The developers play with colors and contrast however is genius and watching bullets fly through the air as enemies disintegrate at the same time in slow motion is just pure visual candy. Apart from all this, I would have to say that it's the music that steals the show. With a thumping electronic beat that gets your heart pumping, making you feel like a total badass. It will make you want to play recklessly just blasting through enemies, but that is something that is not recommended considering that all it takes is one hit to take you down. So moving around and dodging enemy bullets is a must. All is not peachy however since some spaces can get pretty cramped when it comes to the environment. There were some occasions I just got stuck in the environment not being able to move forward. On other occasions, I just fell through the scenery for no apparent reason. Overall though this sure was a fun one, and I just might as well return to it a couple of more times in the future. If for nothing else than to just listen to that awesome electronic track.
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