Indies to play this weekend

2022-03-11 by Callum Andrews

Disco Noir

This one reminds me of the 40s and 50s gangster and detective movies, at least its art style does. Initially, it seems like this game is just going to be about another detective trying to solve a murder mystery but it pretty quickly takes a wild turn. You start questioning yourself and what you are reading since the game breaks the fourth wall quite generously. The writing can seem a bit off at times though. The creator did try to be funny with some of the choices that you can make but overall it just falls flat. It also lacks any kind of conclusion but maybe there is a point to it. Still, though it is worth taking a look at.
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The Afterlife Party

I really don't like bashing games but when I stumble upon games like this then it's hard not to. This is a game that claims to be a puzzler but is really about having fast-twitch reflexes in your fingers. The objective of the game is to find a way out of every room you find yourself in and to do that is to clear the room of your "friends" that turn into ghosts once you turn the lights off. There are jukeboxes in the various rooms that will attract your friends once you turn them on because they "like to dance". Usually, it is also where a conveniently placed portal is, one that sucks in the ghosts once you turn off the lights again. There is regretfully nothing clever about these puzzles because after the first room you better have fast fingers. Several of the light switches will be placed in such places that you do not need only to attract your friend but also to lure the ghost closer to the portal. Seeing as the ghosts are faster than you, you better be quick about getting back to a light switch and turning the lights back on. This is how the rooms varied the further on I proceeded to the point where I got frustrated and turned the game off. Don't bother with this once since it will most likely just infuriate you rather than bring any kind of enjoyment.
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