Indies for the weekend

2023-09-01 by Mike Alexander

Asgard’s Fall

It’s been a rough week, why don’t you settle into the weekend with an awesome homage to Vampire Survivors that you can play… for free!

This is Asgard’s Fall, an isometric auto battler that definitely wears its inspiration on its sleeve, but still manages to feel extremely fun and unique. Take control of a Viking warrior as they cut through wave after wave of various types of enemies, gaining new powers and gathering strength to match the incoming enemy forces. And, just like Vampire Survivors, all you need to worry about is dodging and weaving through enemies.

The version that’s available at the moment is a work in progress, but it still has plenty of features. There’s a timed survival mode, and an endless mode if you think you have the chops to survive longer than a few minutes. It’s honestly a pretty addicting game, and there are definitely worse ways to kill time on the weekend!

Asgard’s Fall can be played right in your browser or downloaded for more direct access. If you like what Smaex Games has done so far, you can wishlist the game on Steam to support them and get first dibs when the full game is available.
Game Link


It’s the end of August 2023, and you know what that means!

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is finally here. However, if you love mechs but aren’t prepared for the crushing difficulty of a FromSoftware game, maybe take a look at this equally awesome retro, pixel art indie mech game called HUNTERS.

Developed by hwilson (@hunters_rebirth on Twitter), HUNTERS puts you in the role of the leader of a 4-person mech squad as you explore a derelict ship that has been taken over by an alien life form. Don’t worry, all of the crew is gone, so your only job is to clear out the aliens, grab some loot, and get paid. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The game is reminiscent of classic Metroid and other Game Boy games in its presentation, but you’ll also dash and slide while you blast away at aliens in a way that feels like a much more modern game. It’ll definitely scratch that mech action itch.

HUNTERS can be downloaded to your computer using the link below. If you enjoy that, hwilson has created a number of other awesome games in the same style, which can be accessed through his profile.
Game Link

Inventory the Hero

To wrap up this list, we have a quirky, out-of-left-field entry for you.

This one is called Inventory the Hero, and instead of playing as an adventurer exploring dungeons and fighting evil creatures… you play as that adventurer’s inventory. A sentient backpack with eyes and a single, long arm sprouting from the top of it. The inventory area appears to be its mouth since there are visible teeth and a tongue at the bottom…

Okay, it’s a little weird, but don’t count this game out yet. It takes a few tries to understand what the gameplay requires of you, but once everything clicks, it’s addictingly fun. As your adventurer (a living skeleton) attacks and destroys enemies, those foes will drop equipment. You’ll use the backpack’s arm to gather up the loot, find a way to make it fit in your limited inventory (Resident Evil 4-style), and then use that gear to outfit the adventurer as armor and weapons fly off of it.

Frantically rotating and fitting gear as you make sure the skeleton can continue to function is great fun, and we haven’t played a game as unique as this in quite some time. You can check it out for yourself at the link below, and it can be played in your browser or downloaded to your desktop.
Game Link